15 Superstars that rocked

Heath Slater

Though we can’t vouch for the rest of his “band,” we can definitely assure you of Heath Slater’s alleged musical talents. The self-proclaimed “One-Man Band” has been touting his rock ‘n’ roll acumen since bursting onto the scene during the inaugural season of WWE NXT.

Originally satisfied with playing a little air guitar on his way to the ring, Slater let it be known that in 2012, he’d be branching out into the music world. He unsuccessfully tried to strike up a partnership with acclaimed rapper Flo Rida at WrestleMania XXVIII, which grew into a war of words over social media. (WATCH)

Then, he tried interrupting Raw guest star Cyndi Lauper to debut his new single, which led to him getting a gold record cracked over his head by the songstress. (WATCH) Maybe Lauper knocked a little sense into Slater, as with the addition of Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal to his band, there’s no telling what kind of hits they’ll produce.