15 Shocking Outcomes You Didn’t See Coming

Extremely shocking

The adjective may be overused when discussing WWE matches, but there really isn’t a better descriptor than brutal to illustrate John Cena’s uphill battle against Brock Lesnar at Extreme Rules. Uncomfortable to watch at times thanks to Lesnar’s vicious and unrelenting assault on the Cenation leader, the Extreme Rules Match was not unlike a horror movie that left members of the WWE Universe watching on the edge of their collective seat.

Still, the bout will go down in WWE history not just because of what transpired during the match, but because of who came away victorious after the bell rang.

Despite being thrown into a fight that was anything but in his wheelhouse, Cena somehow managed to beat Lesnar at his own game that night, taking the fight to the former MMA fighter. When it was over, Cena was bloodied and battered, but he was also victorious in one of 2012’s most shocking finishes.