The 15 Most Outrageous WWE Superstars of All Time

Mick Foley

“Outrageous cubed” might be the best way to describe this hardcore icon, considering he competed – and triumphed – as three different in-ring personalities.

Debuting as the sadistic Mankind in 1996, Foley took on the role of a malevolent outcast, concerned solely with the harm he inflicted on his opponents. To this day, hardcore highlight reels are cluttered with his bruises and broken bones. Through his evolution, Foley eventually transcended entire decades with his next iteration: Dude Love, a swingin’ ’70s do-gooder, clad in tie-dye and flanked by gorgeous women. And, lest the WWE Universe forget the persona that brought Foley to the dance, there’s Cactus Jack. As Jack, Foley made a name for himself in WCW before hitting the WWE scene, making sure to keep the essence of the Hardcore Original in his arsenal, just in case he needed to notch it up in the ring.

No matter the name, the ring attire or the catchphrase, Mick Foley truly exists beyond the bounds of normalcy – which is just the way he has always liked it.