The 15 Most Lovable Losers

#14 Virgil

After four years of doing "The Million Dollar Man’s" bidding, Virgil finally had enough. The millionaire’s trusted bodyguard grew tired of driving Ted DiBiase around, carrying bags, giving foot massages and being on the receiving end of constant verbal abuse. So Virgil branched out on his own, handing in his resignation in January 1991 by decking DiBiase with his Million Dollar Championship. Virgil’s singles career started off with a bang, as he defeated his former boss in Madison Square Garden for the Million Dollar Title.

Virgil's Alumni profile

Things went downhill after that for the former bodyguard. The Million Dollar Man replaced Virgil with Sensational Sherri, who helped DiBiase get his golden title back by any means. After he dropped the championship, Virgil never got his in-ring career back on track. He found himself at the mercy of many WWE Superstars, who seemed to get bigger by the year. At Survivor Series 1992, he was crushed under the weight of the massive Yokozuna. Virgil couldn’t regroup from the constant beatings and was gone from WWE by 1994.

Watch Razor Ramon cut down Virgil