The 15 Most Lovable Losers

#15 Rad Radford

This scruffy Superstar slam danced into WWE in 1995. From the center of the grunge music scene, Seattle, Radford adopted a “come as you are” attitude in the squared circle, wearing plenty of flannel and boots resembling Doc Martens. But beneath his messy hair, Radford was a technically proficient grappler, using a picture-perfect Northern Lights Suplex to put away opposition when he could.

However, Radford seemed to have plans other than reaching the top of WWE. The pudgy rocker was desperate to join up with Skip and Sunny, The Bodydonnas. The fitness fanatics were nowhere close to impressed with the chubby Radford, telling him he’d need to shape up if he wanted to run with them. They made him do push-up after push-up, crunch after crunch and sprint after sprint. Despite Rad’s persistence in the gym, he still couldn’t get the job done in the ring. Radford’s lack of focus cost him his Bodydonna membership and a defeat at the hands of Skip was his last in WWE.

Watch Radford & Skip take on The Smoking Gunns