The 15 best pay-per-views ever

#15 Survivor Series 1995

If ever there was proof WWE could’ve beaten WCW to the punch in launching a cruiserweight division in the U.S., it was Survivor Series 1995’s thrilling opener of The BodyDonnas (Chris “Skip” Candido, 1-2-3 Kid, Tom Prichard & admittedly non-cruiserweight Rad Radford) vs. The Underdogs (Marty Jannetty, Hakushi, Barry Horowitz & Bob Holly).

Further up the card, Alundra Blaze and Bertha Faye captained squads in a match that cemented Aja Kong as the scariest woman alive. In classic Survivor Series fashion, another 4-on-4 lineup was defined by polarity: The Undertaker’s blue-collar Dark Side dominated King Mabel’s stuck-up Royals. Elsewhere, WWE President Gorilla Monsoon concocted a fun Wildcard Match experiment in which Superstars like Shawn Michaels, Yokozuna and Razor Ramon competed on teams that were chosen at random.

But if one match stole the show, it was the No-Disqualification WWE Championship main event between Bret Hart and Diesel, a donnybrook that not only resulted in “Hit Man’s” third title reign, but also established the Spanish announce table as a danger zone in WWE.