10 other Superstars in need of Anger Management

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin

Without a doubt, The Texas Rattlesnake served as the standard bearer for the Attitude Era with his legendary rebellion against his boss, Mr. McMahon. However, he always tended to do so with one of his stomping boots planted firmly in the realm of his out of control temper.

Defiant and brash, the blue collar warrior of the common man dared anyone and everyone to try his patience. Boss irritating you? “Stone Cold” Stun him! Somebody tries to take away your WWE Title, ram the ring with a Zamboni machine! Superstars mouthing off? Stomp an instant mud hole! Then, have a drink, raise your middle finger and do it all over again.

Austin “losing it” was not only a frequent occurrence; it was an institution — as he used his quick-tempered fury to become one of the greatest Superstars of all time. And while anger management might not have been out of the question, finding someone to suggest such a notion might have proved fairly hazardous to the messengers’ health.