10 most monstrous tag teams

#10 Big Show & Kane

The WWE Universe put this team of titans together. Big Show and Kane came up on the short end of a vote to win a WWE Title opportunity at Taboo Tuesday 2005. As a consolation, they got to challenge World Tag Team Champions Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch. The two monstrous Superstars handily defeated the cowboys to win the titles in their first match as a team.

Though they were uneasy about teaming at first, Big Show and Kane went on a tear through Raw’s tag team division for six straight months. Any team brave enough to take on the giants were disposed of by The World’s Largest Athlete and The Big Red Monster.

Kane and Big Show split up after dropping the titles, thanks to Kane’s descent into madness over May 19. However, five years later, they reunited. Showing they hadn’t lost a step, they defeated Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel for the WWE Tag Team Championships.

Why does Kane hate May 19?