The 10 most hardcore wrestlers ever!

#10 Dusty Rhodes

Dusty Rhodes is one of the greatest talkers in sports-entertainment history. But behind all the soulful interviews was a vicious brawler. Starting out in the business, Rhodes teamed with Dick Murdoch, bringing brawls out of rowdy Texas barrooms and into the ring.

Rhodes brought his brand of hardcore wrestling to the national stage during his time in the NWA. He devised the harrowing WarGames bout to brutally punish The Four Horsemen. He took on Tully Blanchard in barbed wire bouts, forcing the refined grappler to feel cold steel ripping into his flesh.

Watch Dusty battle in WarGames | "The American Dream" brawls with Steve Corino on WWE Network

After a crimson-covered brawl with Superstar Billy Graham in 1978, the Texas Bullrope Match became The American Dream’s calling card. He was drawn out of retirement on several occasions by young upstarts such as Randy Orton and Steve Corino, who thought they could beat Rhodes at his own game. More often than not, though, they got their bell rung by Dusty’s trusty weapon.