The 10 most hardcore wrestlers ever!

#2 Sabu

Born into a hardcore bloodline, Sabu took extreme wrestling to new levels upon his ECW arrival. Officials, fearing for the safety of fans, wrestlers (and even Sabu himself), forced the dangerous competitor into a straitjacket and restraints before and after his bouts.

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Once Sabu escaped, there was no stopping him from putting his own body on the line to inflict damage on anyone in his path. He caused mayhem every time he stepped in the ring. ECW crowds cringed as barbed wire tore through Sabu’s biceps. In WCW, viewers were stunned as they watched Sabu put himself through tables, just so a little carnage was left behind. The WWE Universe watched in awe as he recklessly soared through the air with a chair in hand, crashing into helpless opponents.

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Though he was a Triple Crown Champion in ECW, the silent maniac didn’t care about titles. Sabu thrived on destruction.