The 10 most hardcore wrestlers ever!

While hardcore wrestling came into prominence in the 1990s with the advent of ECW, its roots go back much further than that. Searching for a way to settle the most heated rivalries, promoters put wrestlers into increasingly dangerous situations, whether it be Steel Cage massacres or No Holds Barred slugfests.

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As time went on and new generations of competitors entered battle, the stakes were raised. Tables, ladders, chairs, barbed wire and anything else that could be used to bludgeon an opponent was brought into the ring. In the most twisted hands, the sport of wrestling could be mutilated into something more sadistic than the ancient Greeks could have ever imagined.

The 10 brawlers in this countdown mastered the ways of the weapon, learning how to bash the opposition with precision. But who is the king of the beautiful disaster that is hardcore wrestling? Strap in and find out.