10 moments that blew the roof off WWE In Your House

Bret Hart wrestled twice in one night

Aside from potentially winning a house, the WWE Universe was in for another treat at the first In Your House. They got to see the legendary Bret “Hit Man” Hart compete twice in one night. Jerry “The King” Lawler was a constant thorn in Hart’s side since arriving on the scene in 1993. Lawler ruined his crowning as King of the Ring and mocked Hart’s parents to no end. Fed up, the “Hit Man” challenged “The King” to a bout at In Your House, on the same night Hart faced the dangerous Hakushi.

Lawler, of course, also had a hand in making that match. He convinced the Japanese Superstar that Hart was racist, causing Hakushi to viciously attack the future WWE Hall of Famer. At the pay-per-view, Hart fought off Hakushi in a thrilling bout, picking up victory in his first match of the night. But “Hit Man” looked to have injured his knee, which had Lawler chomping at the bit to get in the ring. When the bell rang, however, Hart revealed that his hobbling had been a ruse as he launched an all-out attack on “The King.” Still, it was Lawler who had the last laugh on that evening, as a distraction from Hakushi gave “The King” an opening to sneak away with a victory. (WATCH)