WWE's 10 greatest leaders

#10 William Regal

In March 2001, a few months after his return to WWE, William Regal defeated Al Snow to become Commissioner. He put on the façade of a British gentleman when he took office, but was often very sneaky in his dealings.

Regal chose to defect to the WCW/ECW Alliance that summer, becoming their commissioner. When The Alliance was dissolved, the Englishman found that he couldn’t just waltz right back into his old office. It would be six years before Regal would find himself at the helm of Monday Night Raw, winning a Battle Royal for the General Manager position.

The former Intercontinental Champion let the power go to his head rather quickly. His victory in the 2008 King of the Ring Tournament didn’t help matters. Regal envisioned himself as a literal king, and when other Superstars or the WWE Universe disrespected him, the consequences were severe. To show everyone the power he wielded, Regal once attacked the director of Monday Night Raw in WWE’s production truck, ordering him to take the show off the air in the middle of a thrilling WWE Championship Match (WATCH). The tyrannical Superstar was dethroned after a defeat in a “You’re Fired” Match in May 2008.