The 10 best WWE Velocity matches you shouldn't have missed

#10 Paul London vs. Matt Hardy – June 21, 2003

Before he was even hired as a full-time member of the WWE roster, Paul London made a major impression on WWE Velocity. The highflier stepped into a WWE ring in June 2003 with major buzz following him after some big wins on the independent scene.

London had a big challenge on Velocity in the form of Matt Hardy, who may have thought he was in for an easy bout. Hardy got surprised, though, as London used his speed and agility to outmaneuver the decorated Superstar.

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Surprisingly, London almost had the match won on several occasions. However, a missed Shooting Star Press led to the end for the upstart. A frustrated Hardy executed two Twists of Fate to seal the victory — and make sure his tenacious opponent stayed down.

Though he came in a virtual unknown to the WWE Universe, Paul London was all WWE fans could talk about after this impressive showing.