How many of these rare Goldberg matches have you seen?

5 dream matches we want for Goldberg

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With a spot locked up in the Royal Rumble Match — and, potentially, a WrestleMania dance to follow — Goldberg’s WWE return seems to be one for the long haul. And after going through Brock Lesnar in an unbelievable 86 seconds, the playing field is wide open for the former World Heavyweight Champion. So, as he marches his way toward a potential title run, here are five Superstars who could potentially be “next” for the man they call Goldberg.

Roman Reigns

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This one is a layup: Before Raw went off the air last week, Goldberg went nose-to-nose with the reigning United States Champion. It’s also one of the matches on this list that, conceivably, could actually happen: Reigns is next in line to challenge for Kevin Owens’ WWE Universal Title, the same championship Goldberg indicated he intends to pursue in the event of a Royal Rumble Match victory. If Reigns and Goldberg both leave San Antonio’s Alamodome as victors, odds are strong we’ll see a battle of Spear vs. Spear at WrestleMania come April.

Braun Strowman

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Another layup, but one that’s no less enticing: Before turning their attention to each other in Raw’s closing moments, Goldberg and Roman Reigns teamed up to take down The Monster Among Men with a double Spear. However, it’s unlikely that Strowman will allow himself to be shuttled off to the side so easily. The titanic Superstar has made it his business to wreck shop at every turn, and given that he, too, has declared for the Royal Rumble Match, a long-lasting rivalry with Goldberg is not out of the question.

AJ Styles

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Of course, if Goldberg does win the Royal Rumble Match, there’s always another championship route he could pursue: The WWE Championship. That would put him square in the sights of AJ Styles, who currently carries the crown jewel of SmackDown LIVE. Goldberg’s distinct strength advantage would seemingly make him a favorite over The Phenomenal One, but Styles very nearly had the very similar Roman Reigns beat in a number of WWE Title clashes. With a full year in WWE under his belt, the next-level Styles would be a tall order for Goldberg indeed. But there is one other possible fork in this road. And his name is …

John Cena

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Much like the road through the WWE Universal Championship will run through either Owens or Reigns, any challenge to the WWE Championship will likely pass through either AJ Styles or John Cena, once again gunning for his record-tying 16th World Championship in a bout with The Phenomenal One at the Rumble. The idea of The Face That Runs the Place having to fend off the Superstar who conquered Brock Lesnar — who, you’ll remember, mangled Cena at SummerSlam in 2014 to relieve him of World Title No. 15 — is about as epic as it gets. Hell, they don’t even have to do this one for the title.

The Undertaker

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Every year, the question looms of whether The Deadman will exhume himself for another go at The Showcase of the Immortals, and every year, The Undertaker has delivered. Given that the list of opponents willing to face The Phenom has veered toward the fringe lately, there would be few challengers as unexpected — or formidable — than the man they call Goldberg. True, The Deadman can never undo the breaking of his WrestleMania Streak. However, defeating the man who bested Brock Lesnar may well allow the legendary Superstar to lay his demons to rest.

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