Sonya Deville def. Ruby Riott in a No Holds Barred Match

Just when we thought the rivalry between Sonya Deville and Ruby Riott was over, they show that not even being on separate brands can keep their disdain for one another at bay.

With Deville now a Raw Superstar and Riott a Smackdown LIVE Superstar, the heated adversaries used their old stomping grounds in NXT as the home for their escalating conflict to play out.

Two weeks ago, Riott scored the victory over the former MMA fighter, but The Jersey Devil evened the score this week in a No Holds Barred Match.

The contest stayed within the ropes for the most part, until Riott flew head-first onto Deville on the outside. The move backfired, though, as Deville caught Riott in a vicious triangle chokehold when she tried to get back into the ring.

In a typical match, Deville would have to break the hold as Riott laid across the ropes, but with No Holds Barred rules in effect, the move was completely legal. Riott refused to tap out and instead passed out, resulting in Deville being declared the victor.

Will we see these rising rivals face off in a rubber match?