Ted DiBiase (with Maryse) def. Goldust (with Aksana)

MINNEAPOLIS -- With Maryse in his corner, a determined Ted DiBiase battled Goldust at WWE Bragging Rights, eager to reclaim the Million Dollar Title The Bizarre One took from him. DiBiase succeeded in earning a victory over his rival, but it was Goldust who walked away from the Target Center with the glittering prize. (PHOTOS)

Several weeks ago, Goldust began stalking DiBiase's Million Dollar Title. Since claiming the bling as his own, the golden Superstar's good fortune has skyrocketed. In addition to upping victory count, Goldust has asked his NXT Rookie Diva, Aksana, for her hand in marriage. And at WWE Bragging Rights, it was the Lithuanian beauty's help that allowed him to keep the Million Dollar Title.

When Maryse attacked Aksana at ringside, Goldust became distracted, allowing DiBiase to capitalize and defeat The Bizarre One. Aksana then held the Million Dollar Title while flirting with DiBiase after the match, prompting Goldust to hit a devastating Final Cut on his opponent. With DiBiase down, Goldust reclaimed the Million Dollar Title, and left the ring with both of his diamond-encrusted beauties -- the title and Aksana.

Surely this isn't the end of the rivalry between Goldust and DiBiase. Will The Bizarre One walk down the aisle in two weeks with the Million Dollar Title on one arm, and his bride, Aksana on the other? Or will one of Raw's most angry and arrogant couples, DiBiase and Maryse, try to step in the Golden duo's way?