World Heavyweight Champion Kane def. The Undertaker (Buried Alive Match)

MINNEAPOLIS -- In the days leading up to WWE Bragging Rights, World Heavyweight Champion Kane's father Paul Bearer vowed that The Undertaker would be "drowned in a hell of dirt and darkness" in the Buried Alive Match. Tonight, the morbid manager's ominous words came true as "The Devil's Favorite Demon" defeated his brother in a brutal, emotional contest by sadistically entombing The Deadman with help from The Nexus under tons of black soil in a six-foot deep abyss. (PHOTOS)

It is fitting that the rivalry between Kane and The Undertaker would come to an end at a grave. As two brothers who were raised in a funeral home, the morbid Superstars have spent their entire lives locked in a complicated, love-hate relationship that constantly tempted the fates. But the animosity between the two big Superstars was never as heated as it has been in the past few months. Since being brutally attacked by Kane in May, Undertaker has attempted to gain retribution against his brother, but The Big Red Monster managed to stop the weakened Phenom on each occasion. At Hell in a Cell, Undertaker was even betrayed by Paul Bearer and lost to Kane for the second time in a row.

WWE Bragging Rights was The Demon from Death Valley's third and final chance to defeat his twisted brother and win the World Heavyweight Championship, and it looked as though he was well on his way to doing it. Brutalizing Kane with everything that wasn't nailed down, Undertaker was close to burying the vicious Superstar alive, but the four feral members of The Nexus suddenly attacked The Deadman and began to brutalize him.

Exhausted and overwhelmed by the horde, the legendary Superstar was finally knocked into the dark, suffocating pit by no less than five adversaries. There was little The Deadman could do as he lay helpless and vulnerable at the bottom of the grave, but watch as Kane flashed a cruel smile as tons of dirt poured from a bulldozer into the burial ground.

With The Phenom interred deep below the ground, the Target Center went dark and a sharp bolt of lightning cut across the arena. It was a sure sign that The Deadman's presence was still with the WWE Universe, but who knows when he will rise again.