United States Champion Dolph Ziggler def. Zack Ryder

SAN ANTONIO - While United States Champion Dolph Ziggler was unsuccessful teaming with Jack Swagger in another attempt to capture the WWE Tag Team Titles from Air Boom, he showed the heart of a true titleholder and was able to defeat Zack Ryder to retain the U.S.Title. While the Internet Champion has pinned Ziggler twice on recent occasions, Dolph’s victory in his second contest of the night also marks the second time that the Hollywood, Fla., native has defeated Ryder with the title on the line. (PHOTOS | WATCH)

The rivalry between Ryder and Ziggler has intensified in recent weeks both inside the squared circle and on the world wide web. The two Superstars, who are equally outspoken on social media outlets such as Twitter, have been relentless in taunting each other with their status updates. While @ZackRyder proclaimed, “#Vengeance tonight, this is my one shot to prove to @HEELZiggler and the entire @WWE that I AM SERIOUS BRO!!!,” on the social media service earlier this evening, the United States Champion has also been using Twitter in an attempt to build momentum. @HeelZiggler tweeted on Friday: “hope the internet is happy @ZackRyder gets his big shot sunday! hard work aside, you dont belong! Youre a joke #ImSeriousBro.”

No doubt exhausted from a fast-paced contest with the WWE Tag Team Champions, Ziggler showed no signs of slowing down when Long Island Iced Z made his way to the ring. The crafty, agile Superstars battled back and forth, and while the Internet Champion built a great deal of momentum and support from the WWE Universe in his first singles match on pay-per-view, Ziggler managed to come away with the win following an assist from Jack Swagger.

@HeelZiggler walked away victorious celebrating another victory over Ryder, retaining the U.S. Title and perhaps more importantly in this case, claiming the right to tout his victory at #Vengeance in 140 characters or less.