Sheamus def. Christian

SAN ANTONIO — Mere days before he stepped in the ring with Christian at Vengeance, Sheamus vowed to WWE.com that his obnoxious rival would be under his boot before the night was over. (WATCH) The Celtic Warrior made good on this promise tonight in San Antonio as he battered the eely Superstar with clubbing forearms and devastating knees before putting the former World Heavyweight Champion away with a destructive Brogue Kick. (PHOTOS)

The win was an important one for The Great White, but by no means any easy one. Although he acted cowardly in the weeks leading up to Vengeance by routinely sneak attacking Sheamus during the Irishman’s bouts, Christian came to the AT&T Center tonight to fight. Using all his veteran wiles against his younger opponent, the experienced grappler repeatedly stopped The Celtic Warrior just as the Superstar was building up serious momentum. The crafty competitor even connected with a huge spear that nearly put Sheamus away for the three count. It was a reminder to the locker room that Christian may be cunning, but he is not a chicken.

Still, the sheer brutality of the raging Dublin native was too much for Christian to overcome. Going blow for blow with his rival in the center of the ring, Sheamus looked to be enjoying himself as his pale skin turned red from the nastiness of the brawl. Fueled by the fight, The Great White refused to be slowed down and ultimately blasted his opponent with a decisive Brogue Kick as Christian was going for a second spear.

As his hand was raised in victory, The Celtic Warrior flashed a big smile. He had reason to be happy. After weeks of chasing Christian, Sheamus finally got what he wanted — a fight.