World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry vs. Big Show ended in a No contest

SAN ANTONIO – The supersized World Heavyweight Championship Match between Mark Henry and his No. 1 contender Big Show ended in a shocking no contest, when the ring collapsed in the climatic conclusion of their mammoth clash of the titans. (PHOTOS | WATCH | EXCLUSIVE POST-MATCH REFEREE INTERVIEW)

Several months ago at Money in the Bank, Mark Henry sent Big Show to his infamous Hall of Pain with an absolutely ruthless assault (PHOTOS). Months later, on the Oct. 7 edition of SmackDown, the incensed giant burst back onto the scene, thirsty for payback. Unleashing a brutal attack on the normally dominant World’s Strongest Champion, Big Show left GM Theodore Long no alternative but to make a World Title Match between the colossal grapplers (WATCH).

When these two forces of nature finally locked horns at Vengeance, Big Show’s gigantic determination looked as if it might be enough to finally conquer the uncontrollable rage that had earned Henry the illustrious World Title in the first place – particularly after he kicked out of Henry’s World’s Strongest Slam. Not to be outdone, the irate World Champion gave Big Show one of the biggest beatings of his career, miraculously kicking out of a chokeslam off the top rope.

Ultimately, however, the magnitude of the clash between these two immense giants – with a total combined weight of 897 lbs. – proved too massive for the squared circle to support. When Mark Henry superplexed Big Show off the ropes, the earth-shattering impact caused the ring to implode on itself – with enough force to leave both champion and challenger unable to continue.

The shockwaves of the match proved so destructive that Henry was barely able to walk out of the AT&T Center, while Big Show was forced to be taken out by motorized cart.

In the wake of the unspeakable destruction, the stunning conclusion kept the World Heavyweight Title firmly in the grasp of Mark Henry. But has the fury of The World’s Largest Athlete left him with an even bigger problem than before? Find out on SmackDown, this Friday at 8/7 CT only on Syfy.