Total Divas: Season 7, Episode 5


Total Divas


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Wednesday, Dec 6 | 9/8 PMC

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  • The comeback kid
  • Playing house
  • The Bulgarian baby

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The comeback kid

When we begin this week’s Total Divas, Brie Bella and Nikki Bella are supervising a photoshoot for their Birdiebee line, bringing their business venture one step closer to a reality. That’s certainly a rewarding experience, though they admit the corporate world doesn’t give them the athletic or creative rush that WWE d...

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Playing house

With her SmackDown Women’s Championship Match on the horizon, Natalya takes the time this week to realize one other personal dream: To buy her parents a house. The problem is, her mother and father are terrible tenants, clogging the kitchen sink, bringing a dog into the house where it promptly relieves itself, and park...

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The Bulgarian baby

Rusev wants kids. Did you know Rusev wants kids? Lana knows, but she isn’t quite ready to make that leap, despite her husband pushing the issue on multiple occasions. She does make the misstep of bringing up the argument during Rusev’s Bulgarian name day party, which happens to include Alexa Bliss (and her adorable mic...

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