Total Bellas: Season 2, Episode 8


Total Bellas


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Wednesday, Oct 25 | 9/8 PMC

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  • WrestleMania moment
  • Little bird

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WrestleMania moment

So, the big day has arrived. It’s WrestleMania, and it’s looking to be the site of Nikki Bella’s final match in WWE. Between that and the continuing swirl of proposal rumors, she’s a little overwhelmed, but she finds time to get it together before the bell rings. Hopefully her doctor wasn’t watching because she does si...

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Little bird

Going into WrestleMania, Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan are a little on edge because the timing is lining up right around their daughter’s due date, but Birdie decides to hold off for quite a while, causing the couple to head to the hospital to induce labor for their planned natural birth. Unfortunately, that proposal goe...

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