The Usos def. The New Day to become the new SmackDown Tag Team Champions

BROOKLYN, N.Y. — Brooklyn may have felt like home for The New Day heading into the SummerSlam Kickoff, but their challengers quickly turned the sold-out Barclays Center into the Uso Penitentiary, as The Usos dethroned Xavier Woods & Big E to become the first-ever two-time SmackDown Tag Team Champions.

The New Day entered the battle fueled by rage after suffering a brutal sneak attack at the hands of The Usos several weeks ago on SmackDown LIVE. That rage – made all the more appropriate by their DC Comics-inspired Red Lanterns ring gear – gave them an early upper hand, but the challengers quickly focused their attack on Woods, keeping Big E out of the battle at all costs.

Woods fought through The Usos’ relentless offense, rallying back with the help of Big E and the WWE Universe and finally tagged in the powerhouse. Big E rushed into the fray, hurling Jimmy & Jey around the ring with ease and even using Woods as a projectile. Woods returned the favor, showing off remarkable strength in hoisting the 300-pounder up on his shoulders.

As the battle roared on, The Usos revealed more of their game plan: To split The New Day apart. That included hurling Kofi Kingston, who was at ringside, into the steel ring steps, tossing Woods over the ropes into a Samoan Drop on the arena floor, and clobbering Big E with a barrage of superkicks. Jimmy & Jey then scaled the ropes and leapt off, crushing Big E with a double splash to capture their fourth tag team championship in WWE.

With this impressive victory, The Usos have re-established themselves as the top tandem on SmackDown LIVE. The question that’s now on the mind of the WWE Universe: “Can anyone defeat them?”