Nia Jax def. Sasha Banks

SAN ANTONIO — Since Nia Jax exacerbated Sasha Banks’ knee injury before Raw two weeks ago, The Boss has owed her attacker no small amount of payback. Yet, despite her intense desire for retribution, Banks succumbed to the raw power of Jax during the Royal Rumble Kickoff.

Neutralizing the intense athleticism of her smaller opponent, the ruthless Nia kept The Boss on the defensive for much of the bout, targeting her injured left knee and tossing Banks around the ring like a ragdoll.

Despite Sasha’s multiple attempts to mount an offensive comeback, Nia ultimately scored a pinfall after dazing The Boss with a vicious Samoan drop.

After suffering an unexpectedly swift defeat at the hands of one of the most dangerous Superstars in Team Red’s Women’s division, can Banks bounce back?