Chris Masters def. Carlito

Carlito has had nothing but payback on his mind since early last December, when Chris Masters—looking to send the Superstar a message—placed a helpless Torrie Wilson in the Master Lock on Raw. Although Torrie's injuries weren't overly serious, the Southpaw from San Juan's desire for retribution continued to grow with each passing week. But at New Year's Revolution, vengeance was denied once more; Masters' victory was hardly what one would consider a masterpiece, but a win is a win, no matter how it's earned.

The WWE fans inside Kansas City's Kemper Arena loudly expressed their support of Carlito, Torrie and her dog Chloe from the moment they walked toward the ring. Masters, meanwhile, drew nothing but boos from the crowd, and disgusted looks on the face of the Diva cover girl. Carlito's fast footwork and agility took early advantage of the distracted Masters, keeping him off-balance and nearly scoring a pinfall with an impressive double springboard off the ropes.

Quickly recovering, The Masterpiece—as he has continued to do over the past several months—displayed his championship-caliber potential by refocusing on his simple, but effective, game plan: power, power and more power. He threw Carlito over his head with one arm, then nearly decapitated the southpaw with a clothesline. Though he continued fighting valiantly, the southpaw was so disoriented that he couldn't evade Masters' surprise roll-up, or the handful of tights that secured the three-count for The Masterpiece.

Masters added insult to injury moments after the match, slapping on the Master Lock and causing further damage to the Caribbean Superstar. He then threatened to do likewise to poor Torrie as she tried aiding Carlito, forcing her from the ring momentarily before he finally decided to make his way back up the ramp. A loud chorus of boos followed Masters all the way backstage, where he told WWE.com, "I had to teach Carlito a lesson. You stick your nose in Chris Masters' business where it's not warranted…you try to make a mockery of me, and you're gonna be put in the Master Lock. It doesn't matter if it's Carlito, it doesn't matter who you are—you mess with me, and that's the ultimate price."

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