Kenny Dykstra def. Ric Flair

In the biggest singles match in his young career, 20-year-old Kenny Dykstra's fierce determination served him well as he picked up a controversial win against the legendary "Nature Boy" Ric Flair. 

As the only Superstar in the now defunct Spirit Squad to defeat Ric Flair one-on-one, Dykstra certainly seemed to have Flair's number, appearing at the Kemper Arena wearing a "Nature Boy-like" robe. After falling victim to a Con-Chair-To at the hands of Rated-RKO on last week's Raw, WWE fans wondered if the 57- year-old Flair would be able to bring his A-game against Dykstra. By picking up the win at New Year's Revolution, Kenny has begun to back up his previous claim that he is, "The future of Raw."  

WWE.com followed Kenny Dykstra all day as he prepared for his epic match. Dykstra's strict regimen of physical conditioning seems to have paid off in his battle with one of WWE's legends. After delivering an illegal low blow, Kenny rolled Flair up with a small package to secure the pin. With Dykstra representing the new school of talented and aggressive Superstars and Flair carrying the torch for the old school WWE legends, this rivalry will no doubt continue well into 2007. "The statement I made was that to be the man you've got to beat the man and I beat the man. Tonight, I showed why Kenny Dykstra is the new man."

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