Women's Champion Mickie James def. Victoria

With some assistance of Divas that had been victimized by Victoria for weeks on Raw, Mickie James emerged from New Year's Revolution with the Women's Championship around her waist. Mickie managed to not only retain the gold, but also keep herself off the challenger's checklist of fallen Raw Divas.

"I feel awesome; I came out victorious," a celebratory Mickie told WWE.com. "Victoria made too many enemies along the way to New Year's Revolution instead of focusing on the Women's Championship, and it backfired on her in the end."

Earlier in the night, the challenger convinced Melina that she should form an alliance with Victoria, for Melina's own good. By aligning herself with Victoria, Melina would get the first opportunity at the Women's Title and keep herself off Victoria's growing checklist -- a checklist that includes Maria, Torrie, Lilian and Candice.

Melina made good on Victoria's proposition and came to the ring to get involved in the contest between the Divas, both two-time Women's Champions who have defeated the most celebrated Diva of all time, Trish Stratus.

The fighting Women's Champion endured Melina's interference, but walked into Victoria's dreaded Widow's Peak. As the challenger held the champion over her head in preparation for a nasty drop, Maria and Candice came to ringside to even the odds. With the ring surrounded by the Sexiest Women on Television, Mickie countered the hold and minutes later, delivered a giant DDT for the victory.

Standing over Victoria, Mickie celebrated with her defeated opponent's former victims -- Candice, Maria and Lilian too -- as the Raw Divas enjoyed their evening in Kansas City.

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