WWE Champion John Cena def. Umaga

Following a gritty, physical encounter, John Cena derailed the Samoan Bulldozer to not only retain the WWE Championship, but also serve Umaga his first defeat. The face of Armando Estrada told the story as WWE fans witnessed the end of the savage's nine-month period without defeat -- care of the fighting WWE Champion.

Just one year after one of the worst nights in Cena's career, The Champ had the unenviable task of battling the Samoan Savage. Despite the size disadvantage, the WWE Champion battled head-on with Umaga and went blow-for-blow with the monster.

Cena's body may never have experienced so much bare-handed damage as he did at New Year's Revolution. So much damage, in fact, that Cena's attempt at hoisting Umaga for an FU resulted in his collapse and the challenger's 348-pound body squashing the champion.

The resilient Dr. of Thuganomics struggled to outpace his mammoth opponent, however, and as the WWE fans in Kansas City rallied behind Cena, he seemed to somehow draw adrenaline. The Champ's offensive continued as he tossed his foe's hardened forehead into the steel ring post and followed up with a Five Knuckle Shuffle. Again, Cena failed to execute the FU (for the second time) and Umaga seized control.

The Samoan Bulldozer prepared to maim his weakened opponent as he lay helpless in the corner and charged at Cena. The champion managed to raise his feet and connect the soles of his Reebok Pumps into the solid jaw of the savage, allowing Cena to quickly roll up Umaga for the pin.

As the WWE Champion celebrated with Kansas City fans -- his title tightly within his clutches -- the Samoan Bulldozer paced the ring like a wild animal, screaming in his foreign tongue. Umaga's disbelief was shared by a livid Estrada who could not control the beastly Samoan as he then tore apart the remnants of the announce booth at ringside.

Cena ended the savage's tenure of wreckage that included victories over countless former World Champions such as Triple H, Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair. Following his victory, The Champ described his hellacious encounter to WWE.com reporters.

"[Umaga] is the toughest challenge I have had to date," Cena explained, "he's just an absolute powerhouse. I have fought them all: Undertaker, Big Show, Lashley, Kane, Batista. Umaga is not only big and powerful, but he is extremely agile. Rarely do you see that combination."

Minutes after an explosive reception to Cena's win, the triumphant WWE Champion expressed his devotion to his craft and the gold symbol around his chiseled waist.

"I've never been one for stats, but I take great pride in this business and that WWE looks to me to carry this championship," he said. "When you hold the WWE Championship, you're looked at in that position. This was a tough one, and the group of naysayers out there is slowly getting quieter."

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