John Cena def. Big Show

CHICAGO -- John Cena entered Judgment Day still suffering the effects of weeks' worth of attacks at the hands of his opponent, Big Show. The former World Heavyweight Champion overcame his injuries, however, making use of The World's Largest Athlete's momentum to hoist his nemesis up on his shoulders and deliver a thunderous, match-winning Attitude Adjustment.

With not only his injuries, but also Big Show's huge size advantage to contend with, the WWE Universe might have expected John Cena to use a safer approach than normal and attempt to tire out his Judgment Day opponent. That prediction wouldn't take into account the former World Heavyweight Champion's relentless intensity however, which saw Cena take the fight directly to Big Show. Though he hoped to force his massive opponent to submit with the STF, The World's Largest Athlete proved far too immense for the hold to be administered.

After defying the submission maneuver on multiple occasions, Big Show believed his knockout punch would be all that was needed to end the match. But to the 7-foot Superstar's shock and amazement, Cena ducked the assault, using The World's Largest Athlete's tremendous momentum to set him up for the Attitude Adjustment. The fan-favorite Superstar marshaled every ounce of his strength, smashing Big Show down to the mat and covering him for a three-count to win the match and gain vindication for his rival's vicious attacks.

Big Show's recent series of assaults began at Backlash, where The World's Largest Athlete chokeslammed Cena into a 7,000-watt searchlight during his Last Man Standing Match against Edge. The horrific attack not only inflicted serious injuries, but also cost the Superstar the World Heavyweight Title, as he was rendered unable to respond by the count of 10. Cena managed to exact some measure of vengeance on his nemesis the following night on Raw, as his presence distracted Big Show long enough to cost him the No. 1 contendership for the WWE Title. But this act only further enraged The World's Largest Athlete, prompting him to assault Cena again in the following weeks.

By successfully taking on the colossal Big Show in spite of his injuries, John Cena has proven to his opponent as well as the WWE Universe that it takes a lot more than 7,000 watts of electricity to keep this dominant Superstar down. But though Cena may have fell this giant at Judgment Day, can one Attitude Adjustment be enough to completely rid himself of the pernicious threat of The World's Largest Athlete?