ECW Champion Christian def. Jack Swagger

CHICAGO -- ECW Champion Christian once again outsmarted Jack Swagger Sunday night, retaining his Extreme title against "The All-American American" at Judgment Day. (PHOTOS)

Despite Swagger's focus and determination to become ECW Champion for a second time, Christian was always one step ahead of him. Swagger attempted to roll up Captain Charisma by illegally grabbing onto the back of his tights, but the referee took notice and stopped the count. But moments later, Christian pulled down the straps of Swagger's singlet, and gave him a taste of his own medicine. Christian rolled up Swagger and pinned him for the three-count while holding onto his tights, but this time, the referee didn't notice the second illegal move. With plenty of "Peeps" in his corner, Captain Charisma outsmarted Swagger again, this time to retain the ECW Championship. (WATCH: Christian's post-match interview)

Swagger has had his target set on the ECW Championship since he believes he unfairly lost it to Christian last month at Backlash, when Captain Charisma threw Swagger into an exposed turnbuckle, leading to his victory. But Swagger refused to acknowledge that he, too, exposed the opposite turnbuckle, and failed to become ECW Champion for the second time, when Christian outsmarted him, just as he did at Judgment Day.

Recently on ECW on Sci Fi, Christian's "Peep Show" made its long-awaited return, and ended with a bang when the host got the last laugh, punching a stunned Swagger square in the jaw. Once again, Christian outwitted the two-time All-American on ECW, as well as during the ECW Championship Match at Judgment Day.

Now that ECW Champion Christian has proven to Swagger that with his Peeps in his corner, he's unstoppable, and that Swagger is no longer the face of the Extreme franchise, will "The All-American American" finally retreat? Or will Swagger's Judgment Day loss only fuel his fire to once again be ECW Champion and prove Christian has been cheating to win? Tune in to ECW on Sci Fi Tuesday at 10/9 CT.