Mickie James wins the WWE Diva Halloween Costume Contest

PHOENIX -- In the WWE.com online exclusive WWE Diva Halloween Costume Contest, 16 of the Divas dressed in the spooky season's best. The WWE Universe logged on to WWE.com and after many votes, Mickie James in her Lara Croft costume reigned victorious. (PHOTOS)

For the second year in a row, the former Women's Champion won the WWE Universe's vote. Last year, she wowed our fans with her Indian princess costume, but this year she won the contest as Lara Croft of the Tomb Raider video game and movie series.

"I'm really, really excited, because I was extremely shocked, again this year," Mickie told WWE.com after her win. "I was shocked the first year and I was even more shocked this year. I felt like my outfit was cute, but it was not super sexy. I'm very happy!"

Mickie's in-ring celebration was cut short after Tazz announced her victory. The Diva Halloween Costume Contest quickly turned into a Divas brawl, as costume pieces flew around the ring. But it wasn't long before Mickie was again celebrating her Halloween win with several of her Diva friends, such as Maria, who dressed in a bunny costume she crafted; Candice Michelle, who donned a blond wig and white dress as Marilyn Monroe; and Divas Champion Michelle McCool, who showed off her American pride as an Army girl.

The two-time champion is grateful for the WWE Universe's votes, and said she hopes they enjoyed the Divas Halloween Costume Contest.

"Thank you, so very, very much. I'm very grateful and it means a lot to me," she said.

As for why she chose to be Lara Croft, Mickie said she was a big fan of the video game and also loves Angelina Jolie in the Lara Croft role.

"Any girl who is empowered and goes out there and kicks you-know-what, I admire."