ECW Championship Match (Matt Hardy def. Evan Bourne)

PHOENIX -- ECW Champion Matt Hardy had the difficult task of preparing for three different opponents at Cyber Sunday. The Twist of Fate deliverer, however, rose to the challenge and successfully defended his title against Evan Bourne, who edged out Finlay and Mark Henry with nearly 70 percent of the WWE Universe's vote.

Coming into the pay-per-view, all three possible contenders were salivating for the opportunity at Hardy's title. Henry fell to the incumbent champion three weeks earlier at No Mercy, and at Unforgiven before that in an ECW Championship Scramble Match. The World's Strongest Man ached for another chance at regaining the title while Finlay looked for his first championship match since joining the Extreme brand.

Unlike with Henry and Finlay, the WWE Universe knows little about Bourne. The high-flying gravity-bender has won over our ECW fans with his early success in the ring. With a title match under his belt, Bourne can only improve as he continues to gain experience.

What is next for Matt Hardy and the Land of the Extreme? No challenger has been able to slow the champion down since he attained his status. Will Henry and Finlay look for their respective turns? Watch ECW on Sci Fi on Tuesday at 9/8 CT and find out.