WWE Champion Triple H def. Jeff Hardy

PHOENIX -- The WWE Universe voted to see WWE Champion Triple H and Jeff Hardy go one-on-one again for the gold at Cyber Sunday, just weeks after their epic match at No Mercy. With 57 percent of the vote, YOU chose Hardy over Vladimir Kozlov as a challenger, or a Triple Threat Match with both Kozlov and Hardy taking on The Game.

Despite the vote, Hardy came up short in his attempt to become WWE Champion, falling to Triple H once again. With the crowd firmly split between the two Superstars, each tried to gain momentum as the match progressed, with neither able to push his opponent out of his way to claim the title.

When it appeared as Jeff Hardy had the match won after a Swanton Bomb, the risk-taking Superstar ascended the ropes again to assure himself a victory, and Triple H stopped the second Swanton with his knees. After the fight moved to the outside, Hardy went to the top rope for a third time, and The Game made him pay, pulling Hardy down from the turnbuckle and delivering a Pedigree in one motion -- putting an end to Hardy's championship aspirations.

In the end, The Game once again earned a hard-fought victory against the high-flying Hardy, showing that he is at his best with his WWE Championship on the line. The matches between these two warriors have also showed the respect that each man has for the other, something that the Moscow Mauler has for no man as he continues to look for competition in WWE -- and Kozlov's disgust over not being voted in could lead to more attacks from the undefeated Superstar.