Alex Riley def. The Miz

WASHINGTON D.C. – Since Capitol Punishment fell on the same date as Father’s Day, there’s only one question for The Miz: Who’s your daddy? From the looks of things, the answer continues to be Alex Riley. Once again, A-Ry took his former boss to the woodshed for a lesson in respect. (PHOTOS)

In the biggest match of his young career – as well as his first solo pay-per-view outing – Riley overcame a series of two-counts to pin the former WWE Champion. Moments before A-Ry’s victory, Miz sycophant Michael Cole interfered and allowed his favorite Superstar to clobber Riley and grab a steel briefcase. Before The Awesome One could nail his opponent with the case, however, the referee halted the attack. Riley then leveled Miz with a DDT to secure the win.

The pair’s “bro-mance” began to go pear-shaped nearly two months ago when Miz dropped his WWE Championship to John Cena at Extreme Rules. Unable to accept responsibility for his shortcomings, Miz placed the blame squarely on his hapless lackey. Subsequent failed bids at recapturing the title only prompted Miz to lash out even more at A-Ry.

Unfortunately for The Cleveland Screamer, a man can take only so much, and Riley proved no exception. Once he thrashed Miz, Riley continued to punish his former boss. In fact, just six days before Capitol Punishment, Riley schooled his former boss again. Acting as special guest referee in a match pitting Miz against “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, Riley pummeled The Awesome One, causing him to lose the match – and a $5,000 wager he’d made with Piper.

In the wake of his embarrassing loss, Miz will undoubtedly rebel against his former protégé. But will The Cleveland Screamer save face, or will Riley continue to put Miz in time-out?