World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton def. Christian

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Controversy always exists at the seat of Government and WWE Capitol Punishment’s World Heavyweight Title contest was no exception.

Although Randy Orton managed to retain the World Heavyweight Championship, the official did not notice that Christian’s foot was clearly underneath the ropes. While Captain Charisma tried to filibuster the official to reverse the decision, Orton vetoed the argument and found retribution by nailing Christian with the World Title. (PHOTOS)

The rivalry between Captain Charisma and World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton has become more heated than a Congressional healthcare debate in recent weeks. The Verizon Center in our nation’s capital set the stage for the most intense contest between the two Superstars yet. In their previous meetings, a great deal of mutual respect existed between the two competitors, however, this particular bout was more about proving which ring warrior is truly the more worthy champion.

When the dust settled, there was no obvious answer due to the controversy that surrounded the official’s three-count. While Randy Orton remained the World Heavyweight Champion, if judges were to score the bout based on the action and competitiveness of both Superstars, it could possibly have been a split decision. The two ring warriors battled back and forth, trading the advantage and trying to best the other’s strategy. In the end, only one thing remained constant other than the determination of both competitors - the RKO can strike in the blink of an eye.

Usually the RKO signifies the end of an opponent’s attempt to defeat WWE’s Apex Predator. Christian’s foot clearly being underneath the ropes during the official’s count asked the question of what could have been for Captain Charisma? Before the official could review his own decision, Orton hit Christian with the title, returning the favor for two separate occasions leading up to this match.

This rivalry once highlighted the mutual respect between the two Superstars; but it has since become much more personal. Finally winning the World Title after 17 years, only to lose it five days later, and failing to regain the title at WWE Over the Limit, has left Christian bitter and selfish.

That second defeat at the hands of WWE’s Apex Predator triggered Captain Charisma to renounce his Peeps and essentially become a Superstar on a mission with one primary objective – regain the World Heavyweight Championship. Orton’s goal, however, was to show Christian that whenever the two clash, The Viper will come out on top. Neither Superstar definitively completed their objectives at WWE Capitol Punishment.

With the World Title controversy surrounding our nation's capital, Captain Charisma will no doubt exercise his right of free speech in hopes of turning the tide in his World Championship campaign on SmackDown, Friday at 8/7 CT, on SyFy.