Evan Bourne def. Jack Swagger

WASHINGTON D.C. – At WWE Capitol Punishment – in a special bonus attraction – Evan Bourne soared to victory over The All-American American Jack Swagger. (Match photos)

The personal showdown between the two determined Superstars proved to be a fast-paced match of pure punishment from the opening bell.  Then in its climatic moments, Bourne attempted to hit the Shooting Star Press. Swagger avoided the exciting finisher and immediately went for the ankle lock. However, just as he was about to lock it in, Bourne displayed exceptional presence of mind, countering the dreaded hold to pick up the three-count and leave the fuming Swagger with another defeat.

The animosity between the Money Night Raw warriors has grown by leaps and bounds over the past several weeks of their explosive showdown. After reigning supreme over Bourne in one instance, The All-American American humiliated his high-flying foe with a victory lap around the ring. Bourne sprang back to the offensive the following week, earning a win of his own, which only served to fuel the rage of his two-time All-American adversary.

Then, when Swagger attempted to walk away from a match with Booker T, Bourne rushed to action, forcefully returning him to the ring and topping-off the six-time World Heavyweight Champion’s attack of retribution with the Shooting Star Press. And as their aggression built to an all-out boil, it was no surprise that a match between the explosive grapplers was added at WWE’s exciting new pay-per-view.

Evan Bourne has walked out of WWE Capitol Punishment in triumph. And although the WWE Universe ecstatically cheered his victory, one can’t help but wonder whether a win-at-any-cost Superstar like Jack Swagger will ever let it end at that.