Tye Dillinger def. Aiden English (Kickoff Match)

CHICAGO — Aiden English sought to make sure the spotlight was on him in his hometown during the WWE Backlash Kickoff. Once again, though, Tye Dillinger ensured that the night started off with a “Perfect 10.” 

The Drama King kicked off the evening with a song, but the encore he attempted to force on the Windy City was cut off by Dillinger’s arrival. There was no question that Chicago was firmly behind the SmackDown LIVE newcomer, evidenced by the plethora of “Perfect 10” signs in the WWE Universe. Despite Dillinger’s best efforts to take control, however, the nefarious English wore down his adversary.

English sang that Dillinger “wasn’t going anywhere” until the WWE Universe rallied behind The Perfect 10, willing him back to his feet. English’s inability to put Dillinger down almost led to a tear-filled breakdown for The Drama King. He managed to keep his emotions under control, but English couldn’t keep away from the Tye-Breaker, which led to victory for The Perfect 10.